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Unlimited Business Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and Life Strategies for Entrepreneurs who are ready to hit their next income milestone and create the lifestyle they desire. 

It is time to stop wasting time playing the guessing game and implement real, transformative strategies to scale your business with ease. 


The first step in my signature Rx3 program could be argued as the most important step. By acknowledging and releasing your current limiting beliefs, blocks, and mute button, you are clearing space for true transformation to take hold and solidify in your life. 

It is deep work but highly rewarding. 


Once the blocks and limiting beliefs have been stripped away, there is now room to rebuild your life or business in a way that is in complete alignment with you. By unlocking your true purpose and creating a series of intuitively channeled, ultra-targeted action plans, we are able to rebuild quickly and efficiently. 


In my opinion, this is the most rewarding part of the entire program. This is where you have come out the other side of your transformation and you own it, feel it, and truly accept it. Stand in your power and claim what is yours.


One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is building their business without aligning it with their ideal lifestyle. You can build a successful business but if it doesn't support the type of life/work balance you desire, you will never be truly fulfilled. 

Whether you are a new or established entrepreneur, the starting point of my program is the same. We start at the foundation of your life and business and build up from there, always in alignment with your greater goals and life balance. The key to true transformation is creating a life/work balance that makes you excited to start each day.

Massively build & scale your business

Hit your next income milestone quickly 

Reprogram your limiting beliefs

Transform your mindset into a powerful manifesting tool

Create your dream life with ease

Achieve your goals effortlessly and with confidence

Dig deep into your subconscious

Release the blocks holding you back from achieving true success 

Ditch your mute button

Amplify your unique voice and magnetically bring in your ideal customers and clients 

Revitalize your relationships 

Feel a renewed connection to those around you

Tune your frequency to abundance

Be open to receiving all the universe has for you 

As a client in my Rx3 program, you can expect to:

About  Me

My name is Kristi Cornwell and I am an Intuitive Life & Business Strategist. Much like an architect designs a building, I design lifestyles. By working closely with you, and using my unique intuitive channeling gifts, I am able to quickly get to the root cause of your blocks and form actionable steps to transform your life into the life you desire. Each client session is different and tailored to exactly what you need in this moment to succeed.​


Being an Intuitive Channeler has allowed me to help dozens of people transform their lives and create their new reality. In addition to my intuitive abilities, I am also a business development expert. I can take you from unclear and scattered to highly profitable and organized within a matter of months, if not weeks. My passion is redesigning life and building businesses and I am truly thankful I get to see how my clients reclaim their lives and step into their power.

Kristi has the unique gift, tools and knowledge to help teach her clients how to systematically create a successful business.  She provides clarity and focus and pulls all the pieces of the business together.  Her visions and guidance gave me the courage to step away from my corporate job and step fully into my purpose.  I took the leap of faith and used the roadmap Kristi provided me to build a successful business.  It has been an amazing journey of growth,  transformation and serving others.

—  Kim, Florida

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