Kristi Cornwell
Intuitive Channeler
Life & Business Strategist

I have been extremely intuitive my entire life but I didn't recognize the extent of my gifts until adulthood. In my early twenties, it started as knowing things before they would happen. Sometimes it was minutes before, and sometimes hours before, but I knew without a doubt what was to come, and they did.


As time went on, the signs I was meant to do something more were getting harder to ignore. I soon found myself burnt out by the corporate world, exhausted by 28 years old and wondering what I was doing wrong in my life. That's when I started listening and spent the next few years developing and expanding my gifts. 

Now in my thirties, I have perfected my signature Rx3 Method program and have helped dozens of people transform their life into something they have only dreamed about. Using my 

intuition, clairvoyant abilities, and my business expertise, I have embraced my true calling as a Life & Business Strategist. 

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